Passive income: Goal

I’ve long been fascinated by the idea of Passive Income: Earning money in a way that requires periodic effort, instead of constant effort.

Songwriters earn passive income when they get royalties for songs they’ve written in the past, bloggers do it when they get ad revenue, and investors do it when they get interest or dividends.

So I’ve set a goal that I mean to achieve.

By September 6th 2012 I will have created a passive income stream that generates $100 a month on average over at least 5 years.

How I will achieve this, I have no idea yet. But people have done much more than this, and I’m certain I can find a way and execute on it in time.

To coach me on, I’ll use Steve Pavlina’s series on Passive Income, and I would appreciate if friends and family bugged me regularly and asked “Hey, hows that passive income stream coming along?”.

I’ll write more once I know what the hell I’m doing to realize the goal. What matters now is that it’s out there.

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