Selected slides from Wordcamp Montreal 2013

Some speakers share their slides on Slideshare, so I thought I’d show them off if any of you are interested. I only include talks that I or my wife went to and liked and only if they have easily accessible slides online.

Elida Arizza had the best talk of the conference for me personally. As a bit of a noob, this was a torrent of great information:

Brian told us all about how the old ways of SEOing are dying, and giving free content is the wave of the future:

Developers: what code to put where and why?


This was basically an hour-long infomercial for PressBooks, but the enterprise is awesome enough that I’m including it anyway:

The guys from Carleton both gave good talks, but unfortunately didn’t put them on Slideshare so I can’t embed them. Here’s direct links from their site.

Kirk wight had an excellent talk as well, but no Slideshare either:

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