My Media Holiday: The Rules

Yesterday I posted about why I’m going on a media holiday. Some of you have asked me about what I’m doing exactly, so I thought I’d share in more detail.

In short, the point is to reduce information input into my brain, and see what I get up to when I don’t have constant distractions to run to. Over-abundant entertainment can make us blind to things in our own lives, and when you also read self-help and spiritual material for entertainment (like me) the constant advice and directives can get very confusing.

So I decided to see what happens if I turn off the information overflow for a couple of months or so. This is not a new-years resolution, or a solemn vow, but merely an experiment. If I fail, I learn something useful. If I succeed, I probably learn something useful also. Failing would almost be more interesting.


These things are forbidden:

  • Reading books, articles or comics
  • Playing games other than board-games or sofa games
  • Watching TV, Movies, or other videos
  • Listening to podcasts, lectures or interviews
  • Browsing social media or image libraries
  • Music as a distraction or form of entertainment
  • Ads. Not that I’d ever try to watch/hear them, but now I’ll try to avoid them even more
  • Email newsletters

But with some notable exceptions:

Anything I need to play, do, watch, read, for direct work purposes, like playing the game I’m working on. Playing other games for research purposes I’ll only do if I have a clearly defined goal that I can reach in a few hours or less.

Looking up immediately actionable information, like the article I read earlier tonight about how to find a good tax accountant. Know anyone BTW? The gray line here is tutorials on hobbies I’m getting into, like digital painting. I’m leaning towards no, but I might be flexible on that if I think the watch/do radio is good.

Listening to music at the gym. I can’t avoid it anyway, as they play the radio there, so this way I can avoid the ads and listen to something not too distracting.

Email other than newsletters. I can’t ignore my email any more than I can ignore my physical mailbox. Less so probably.

Direct conversations through social media. Necessary for planning and organization purposes anyway, like for the writer’s circle meeting I have this Saturday. In fact, any direct conversation is OK, whether through the phone, Skype, face-to-face whatever.

Pretty much anything else is fair game. I plan to journal this experiment, and write a post here from time to time when I feel it’s useful. I plan to do a lot of meditation, a lot of Sedona exercises, go to the gym, maybe do some digital painting. Any kind of creation, introspection or exercise is not only OK, but probably helps further the point of the exercise.


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