Creating massive value – A guide to working with purpose

I’ve been on vacation for the last week so I’ve been reading even more than normal on self-development, ritual magic and psychology of happiness. I’ve also been spending a lot more time on meditation than I’m normally able to.Find the direction

All of this has helped me connect some dots I haven’t really connected before. I’ve been considering questions such as: What would I be happiest doing in life? How would I make a living out of it (if it’s something non-traditional)? How do I even find out what it is?

These are questions that have plagued me for a very long time, and I’ve had partial answers to them on many occasions, but never anything truly satisfying. Until now. And the answer is so simple: Create (and distribute) massive value. 

What would I be happiest doing in life?
Creating massive value for myself and others, in whatever way I’m uniquely qualified to do.

How would I make a living out of it?
By distributing the value to as many people as I possibly can, and asking some of them or each of them to pay me something of lesser value back, be it in money, in free marketing, in services, or any other way.

How do I even find out what it is?
This is where I need to sit down and take stock of what I’m good at. I know I can write, fiction and non-fiction. I know I keep careful track of developments in tech and science. I know I’m very interested in self-development and spiritual practices. My initial thought is to blog, create ebooks and other material that combines these things in a way that creates value for others. A sort of “Self-development in the 21st century” kinda thing.

Of course one should go further and ask: What skills can I learn or improve to be able to provide even more value?

That said, there is a key I haven’t mentioned yet to making this exciting and empowering: This needs to be able to create value for people NOW. 

If I were to write an article that could help someone that might one day read this site when and if it becomes super-popular but isn’t currently a part of my audience,  that doesn’t create any value right now, and creates no energy for me to use in writing it. This would result in a poor and uninspired article, the likes of many I have written in the past.
But if I write an article that creates value for people I can currently reach, I’ll not only be excited and inspired to do it, I won’t shy away from posting it. Publishing my blog is something I’m generally terrible at, and “shameful self-promotion” tends to be my marketing style. But if I believe I’m creating value for those that see my posts, this will be a thing of the past.

To clarify, I’m not actually talking about doing anything I haven’t done before. It’s just a different mindset. Radically different. The mindset I used to have was very ego-based: I’d create something I thought was quite good, helpful even, and then go around showing people how good and helpful that thing I created was, and hope they like it enough for me to feel I should go on creating these things.
But with the mindset of creating value, things look very different. My ego is not involved this time. This isn’t about me creating, but about you benefiting. I don’t care whether you like this article. I care whether it creates value for you. If you think this is a fantastic article, but it doesn’t help you in any way, my ego might be appeased, but I will still have failed to create value.

And yes, as you might have noticed, this article isn’t really about me. It’s about you. If you’ve entertained any of the questions I mention above, ask yourself this: What is the best way for me to create and distribute massive value? The answer might not come right away. It might take a while to appear. But I feel like it’s the best heuristic you could possibly use to find your way to the answer.

For further reading, here are some of the articles and videos that inspired this realization:

I knew this day would be good. This morning I found a store right next to my house that sells at least 4 different types of Bock beer. If that’s not a good omen, I don’t know what is.

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