May 23 2012

Passive income: Goal

I’ve long been fascinated by the idea of Passive Income: Earning money in a way that requires periodic effort, instead of constant effort.

Songwriters earn passive income when they get royalties for songs they’ve written in the past, bloggers do it when they get ad revenue, and investors do it when they get interest or dividends.

So I’ve set a goal that I mean to achieve.

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Dec 31 2010

11 quests for 2011

I was going to set up a new-years resolution, but I decided I’d rather accomplish more than one thing this year.
While none of these goals are life-changing, I’ll be quite happy with 2011 if I can accomplish most of them.
Also, thinking of them like quests in an MMO makes things much more fun. This is why I set up the status bars on the right.

  1. Read 52 books (a book a week)
  2. Read 3 books in French
  3. Watch 6 movies in French
  4. Join or start a genre-fiction bookclub
  5. Write 3 fully finished short-stories
  6. Take a seminar related to graphic design (pref. fonts or color theory)
  7. Train Loppi to allow me to pick him up and cut his nails
  8. Find a fun and social way to excercise
  9. Join a meditation community
  10. Go to a meditation retreat
  11. Meditate 52 times for 10 minutes or longer

Nov 28 2010

My creed

Live consciously and without judgement.

  1. Know yourself as often as possible
  2. Important before unimportant
  3. Make plans, then change them
  4. Don’t push against things you can’t change
  5. Make new mistakes every day
  6. Money is a tool
  7. Good and bad is relative and irrelevant
  8. Everything is optional
  9. Somebody thinks you’re a stupid asshole
  10. There’s always more to learn
    Somebody should have said to us before we were born “If you don’t like learning stuff, you’re going to hate this!”
  11. Nobody knows what they are doing
  12. There are no certainties
  13. Fuck it