Sep 21 2013

When doing it feels bad, but not doing it feels even worse.

Imagine you are at a talk at a conference. There are hundreds of people watching. You just caught the speaker giving out incorrect information. He made a big mistake and anyone that tries to follow his advice will suffer for it. At the end of the talk a mic is passed around and you have the opportunity to correct him. Do you?

For most of us, this is not an easy decision. You probably feel resistance to the idea of getting up and correcting him so publicly. But you are also likely to feel resistance towards the idea of leaving all these people misinformed when you could have corrected the oversight. Whether you speak up or not depends entirely on which idea you resist more.

This happens multiple times a day to all of us. Maybe you are miserable at your job, but afraid of the incertainty of leaving. You might resist the idea of exercising, but feel bad about lying around on the couch. Maybe you hate your spouse, but hate the idea of being single even more.

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