Aug 3 2014

Creating massive value – A guide to working with purpose

I’ve been on vacation for the last week so I’ve been reading even more than normal on self-development, ritual magic and psychology of happiness. I’ve also been spending a lot more time on meditation than I’m normally able to.Find the direction

All of this has helped me connect some dots I haven’t really connected before. I’ve been considering questions such as: What would I be happiest doing in life? How would I make a living out of it (if it’s something non-traditional)? How do I even find out what it is?

These are questions that have plagued me for a very long time, and I’ve had partial answers to them on many occasions, but never anything truly satisfying. Until now. And the answer is so simple: Create (and distribute) massive value.  Continue reading

Nov 14 2010

Meditation – sitting and doing fuck-all

Meditation is a tricky concept. For starters it has four syllables. That alone makes it scary. Anything that has four syllables and is a regular topic of the Dalai Lama has to be incredibly complex, right?

I don’t know how this myth got started but in fact meditation is about the simplest thing you can possibly do. It involves exactly two things:

  • Relax
  • When you realize that you are thinking about something, stop it

That’s it. That’s the entire complexity of meditation. You don’t have to use advanced Vulcan mind magic to try to keep your mind empty at all times, chant mantras or sit with your legs wrapped around each other in an impossible configuration. Just sit (or lie, or stand) quietly, relax and when you find that you have been thinking about a specific topic, release the thought like a helium-filled balloon. If you must think about something, think about how you aren’t thinking about anything.

So if four-syllable words you don’t quite understand have been keeping you from meditating, hopefully “sitting and doing fuck-all” can take it’s place.

It’s actually quite nice.