Jan 6 2014

My Media Holiday: The Rules

Yesterday I posted about why I’m going on a media holiday. Some of you have asked me about what I’m doing exactly, so I thought I’d share in more detail.

In short, the point is to reduce information input into my brain, and see what I get up to when I don’t have constant distractions to run to. Over-abundant entertainment can make us blind to things in our own lives, and when you also read self-help and spiritual material for entertainment (like me) the constant advice and directives can get very confusing.

So I decided to see what happens if I turn off the information overflow for a couple of months or so. This is not a new-years resolution, or a solemn vow, but merely an experiment. If I fail, I learn something useful. If I succeed, I probably learn something useful also. Failing would almost be more interesting.


These things are forbidden:

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Nov 14 2010

Meditation – sitting and doing fuck-all

Meditation is a tricky concept. For starters it has four syllables. That alone makes it scary. Anything that has four syllables and is a regular topic of the Dalai Lama has to be incredibly complex, right?

I don’t know how this myth got started but in fact meditation is about the simplest thing you can possibly do. It involves exactly two things:

  • Relax
  • When you realize that you are thinking about something, stop it

That’s it. That’s the entire complexity of meditation. You don’t have to use advanced Vulcan mind magic to try to keep your mind empty at all times, chant mantras or sit with your legs wrapped around each other in an impossible configuration. Just sit (or lie, or stand) quietly, relax and when you find that you have been thinking about a specific topic, release the thought like a helium-filled balloon. If you must think about something, think about how you aren’t thinking about anything.

So if four-syllable words you don’t quite understand have been keeping you from meditating, hopefully “sitting and doing fuck-all” can take it’s place.

It’s actually quite nice.