Jul 1 2013

Selected slides from Wordcamp Montreal 2013

Some speakers share their slides on Slideshare, so I thought I’d show them off if any of you are interested. I only include talks that I or my wife went to and liked and only if they have easily accessible slides online.

Elida Arizza had the best talk of the conference for me personally. As a bit of a noob, this was a torrent of great information:

Jun 30 2013

Megalist of WordPress tools and services

Just got back from Wordcamp Montreal 2013 and thought I’d share the somewhat massive list of plugins, tools and services that I accrued there through the recommendations of speakers and guests attending it. Just because something is on the list doesn’t mean it’s necessarily the best in it’s category (since everything popular is obviously wrong), but it does mean it’s probably well coded, safe and reputable. Naturally I take no responsibility for them being just that.

This is written in summer 2013. If you are reading it much later, make sure that things are still being properly supported before using them.

Feel free to let me know if I’m missing anything important.

WordPress Plugins

Audio and video